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If you find yourself or a loved one arrested and charged with criminal activity in Minneapolis, MN or the surrounding area, contact the team at Liberty Bail for the assistance you need to get out of jail fast. 

What is Bail?

Courts often offer bail to accused parties that are not considered a danger to society. This means that for a determined amount of money, the accused are free to go until the time of their hearing. In this time, they can build a defense and create the case for their freedom. This is an excellent example of the innocent until proven guilty concept, and a way that everyone can get a fair shot.

What Our Agents Do For You

Of course, for many people, the money required to pay bail is simply not available. This is where Liberty Bail and bail bonds come in. When you call us, we have one of our licensed agents act quickly to put up the money needed for your freedom. In addition, your bail bondsman will stand with you throughout the proceedings, making certain you show up for scheduled court dates and are taking the right steps to secure your long-term freedom.

Being friendly and courteous is a significant part of the service we offer as your bail bondsmen. No matter what you’ve been accused of and how serious the charges, we will work to defend your rights with a large network of professionals and years of experience.

For the bail bonds and support you and your loved ones need during this challenging time, call Liberty Bail. We will be glad to assist you in Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding area. 

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